The small, portable stress relief solution.

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What Is CALM?

CALM is a small device that provides a portable, fast acting and easy to use tool to help regain control during rising stress. CALM (Compact Anxiolytic Lull Mechanism) uses pulses of vibrations to influence the brain, bringing the user to a calm state. CALM can be used as a tool to regain control during intense stress, equipping you with a drug free, non-invasive and portable device.  

Currently, we are in the process of conducting clinical research to show the effect of the device on the brain. We are working closely with neuroscientists, and licensed mental health providers to take the right next steps in research and development.




Easy to Use


Drug Free Solution


Beta Testing

As we continue develop CALM, we are looking for beta testers to try an early version of the device and give feedback.  We want to learn more about the user experience to improve what can be better about CALM.   Your feedback will help to develop the usability and functionality of the device while the next evolution of frequencies are being developed so that the device can be available to the public faster.

We are passionate about developing CALM and want to hear about how we can better help our users!   Please enter your information and we will send you an email with a survey and information about beta testing.

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